The freshly roasted vs instant coffee debate is one that has been quietly raging for decades! Advocates of instant coffee will cite speed, convenience and flavour as major advantages - and certainly, we can't argue that making a cup of instant can be faster than brewing a fresh pot of premium, freshly roasted coffee. That said, speed isn't everything, especially when it comes to coffee! If you're still unclear on why carefully chosen and crafted roasted coffee should be your first choice, take a look at the benefits it brings.

So much more variety

Coffee beans (the roasted version of the coffee berries) come in lots of different varieties. These can be mixed and matched to make delicious blends or served solo. In addition, beans can be roasted for varying periods of time, giving even more options. In comparison, instant coffee tends to be made from just a handful of coffee berry varieties - those whose flavour can survive the intensive, instant coffee processing operation.

A richer, deeper flavour

The roasting process preserves many of the essential oils which are a natural part of the coffee berry. These give freshly roasted coffee the mellow depth that absolutely transforms the taste. If you're a coffee connoisseur who likes to savour the various notes in a brew, roasted beans are unbeatable!

More than just a coffee

For many people, creating a perfect cup of delicious, rich roasted coffee is about far more than making a drink. The coffee-making ritual is innately soothing: a mini-meditation to be enjoyed at any time of day.

Roasted coffee can be made in many different ways

Unlike instant coffee, roasted coffee beans can be brewed using a filter machine, cafetière, stove coffee pot, espresso machine, aero press or percolator.

Ideal for sharing with friends or drinking alone, freshly brewed coffee is one of life's little luxuries that everyone deserves. Lots of individuals find that once they've discovered the world of delectable coffee beans, skilfully roasted for perfect results, instant coffee simply ceases to be an option! To find out more about Takitaki's delicious freshly roasted coffee beans, please get in touch.